About Us

Meet Owner, Anna Dutko

Round 2 was envisioned and founded by Anna Dutko in December 2014. She left the corporate world to pursue her passion in helping people experience exercise as something exciting and empowering instead of something they “have” to do. With a new baby at home, she realized her only options for childcare while she worked out was a corporate gym or a babysitter. Neither option sounded ideal and it was then that Round 2 was created! Life is busy; personal trainers should come to you!

Anna has been involved in fitness and sports for over 30 years. As a former athlete, she is experienced in athletic and weight training. She has always been passionate about the intense training that is involved with sports and seeing what the body is capable of. She has played a variety of sports but found boxing in her 20s. Although she loves all sports, she knew she had found her fitness path the first day she put on the gloves. She loves sharing this exciting workout with everyone who is ready to exercise! She believes in encouraging people to take care of the one body you get. Anna teaches you to feel the sense of accomplishment and happiness you get when you push yourself and work up a sweat!