Who is Round 2 Fit by Annastoshia?

Meet Owner, Anna Dutko

Round 2 Fit was envisioned and founded by Anna in December 2014. She left the corporate world to pursue her passion in helping people experience exercise as something exciting and empowering instead of something they “have” to do. With a new baby at home, she realized her only options for childcare while she worked out was a corporate gym or a babysitter. Neither option sounded ideal and it was then that Round 2 was created! Life is busy! We believe personal trainers can keep you motivated and inspired through an online positive community.

With an active toddler at home, Anna understands not only how busy life can get, but also remembers the importance of living by example for our children. She is involved in helping our kids stay active and get proper nutrition by teaching families how to eat and exercise in a simple way. She’ll tell you that you should never be bored with fitness because there’s always a next level no matter where you are! When Anna’s not training, you’ll find her walking around Hyde Park, enjoying the sunshine with her rock star toddler attached to her! They love to color, do crafts, eat popcorn, and snuggle!