If I ask you on a date, don’t leave me hanging.

Date #9
Push-ups – 25 (Day 9)
Push-ups – 65 (Day 21)

“If I ask you on a date, don’t leave me hanging.”

I’ve been a tad under the weather this week and have officially lost my voice. Because my energy level is lower than normal, I thought tonight would be the perfect night go and try my friend’s Ariel and Silks class I’ve been wanting to try. I figured a little flying in the air would give me a pick-me-up! I’ve been wanting to try the silks for some time now but have not made it enough of a priority to make it happen. That’s the funny thing about accountability and goals…it makes you do shit! I probably would have stayed home on the couch if I didn’t commit to 30 consecutive days of dating myself. The posts must happen every day, so I have to find things to do!

Since I was going to a class for my date, I figured I’d let my daughter join on my date. She’s been supportive with this whole dating thing and I thought she’d enjoy being there with me. I picked her up early and asked her if she wanted to join me on my date  😊 She jumped up and down and said Yessssssss! She didn’t last long on the floor with her coloring books and was eager to join in on the silky fun!

Breisja is Breisja Macera is a fantastic teacher and made me comfortable with trying aerial art for the first time. Don’t let the beauty of the silk ribbons fool you, it’s hard to do!! Not only does it require great strength, you must remember the step-by-step transitions to get to the position you want to be in. As a beginner, everything feels awkward and weird so you must suck it up and go with the flow! It also helps to be flexible (which I am not) and there’s a little pain threshold you have to get over when wrapping your feet and arms up in silk and hanging! However, it feels amazing! Climbing up the silks felt challenging and graceful at the same time. It was like climbing the rope in gym class but getting to feel like a princess doing it on unicorn hair. You use your trust in your body when you let go and hang! It’s a freeing feeling that had me smiling while at the same time had me looking like an awkward 7th grader waiting to be asked to the school dance.

I was pumped to get on the ring! (Which is called Lyra). Yes, it feels like you’re in a circus act, but that’s fun! It’s also under the Circus Arts umbrella so that feeling is a given. My inner spider-monkey came out and I freestyled on that circle of awesomeness. Once again, feeling free.





I enjoyed watching from the sidelines as Breisja and another classmate, Maria, showed off their skills. I love when people embrace their skills and are confident in the fact they are great! These two rocked the silks and it was a blast watching them as they gracefully flew around and wrapped themselves up in the unicorn hair, …errr, I mean silks. My daughter also joined in and it was hard pulling her off the silks to give someone else a turn. I think she may have found her calling!  😊 Who wouldn’t want to swing and hang out up in the air like that!?





I want to come back for more and am also interested in other circus arts such as the trapeze!

I smell a trapeze date coming  😉

If you’re in Tampa and want to come try Breisja’s Circus Art class, contact her via Facebook (info in the comment section) and she’ll be more than happy to give you more info! I promise you you’ll feel safe and comfortable. Her Circus Arts class is every Thursday night and includes over an hour of aerial silks and Lyra. You can also google Circus Arts to find a place that offers aerial classes.

Conclusion –


I’m sold!

This date provided a TON of awesome pictures! Yes! And I just had to include all of them!

I want to further explore Circus Arts and see how I can improve! I’m open to trying whatever I can in this arena, such as Silks, Lyra, Rope, Cube, Trapeze, Hammock, Tumbling, and Acro. These flying type activities and workouts give you a fearless feeling of freedom.


According to Urban Dictionary (def #3), fearless is Strong willed. Heart of gold. Beautiful inside and out. Able to push through the storms of a shattered heart, broken spirit and tattered body emerging twice as graceful and independent then before. A truly gifted woman with a gorgeous soul and a dreamers disease.

Sign me up for that! I’ll take 2 please.

Until tomorrow…

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