“The Bestie Lunch Girl Date.”

Date #14

Push-ups –  45 (Day 14)

“The Bestie Lunch Girl Date.”

“I want to be upfront with you.  I asked you out because I want you to be a part of my life and I want to be in your life too. I miss our friendship.”  I said awkwardly and confidently to my friend Kate, as we left Fresh Kitchen and walked to her car.

Without skipping a beat, she replied…
“I’m in.”


This date is for all you women out there.  A reminder of the importance to have dates with our girlfriends.  A nudge to us all, to nurture our friendships and make time for those special people in our life!

This date was about connecting with a friend that I truly missed having in my life.

There are friends that come into our life for a short amount of time, there are friendships that fade,  and there are friends that we mingle with in passing.

But every once in a while, you get a LIFETIME FRIEND.

Sometimes you forget how special and rare those friendships are and how important it is to take care of the relationships that make us better people.

This girl right here is that person. And it’s been WAY too long since we’ve caught up.

We were little cubbies at age 22, forced to meet under the circumstances of our boyfriends at the time, who were best friends.  We immediately decided to be BFFs too.

16 years later, we continue to be besties.  She’d be lying if she didn’t tell you she wants us to wear BFF charm bracelets. 😉

Today we reconnected.

Reunited and it feels so good…

Kate and I can giggle like little school girls, down Kettle One martinis like it’s our job, we can out-box most people in a boxing class, and crush more Chinese food than you ever thought imaginable.  She’s the best workout partner I have ever had!  But those times of martinis, boxing, giggles, and Chinese started to fade after we had kids around the same time.  We embraced motherhood together and it was awesome having kids the same age!  Nonetheless, little by little we saw less of each other.  Life got busy and new ventures started for both of us.  Time went by and we grew apart as our families and businesses grew.  There was no incident and neither one was to blame.  Although, I believe I was responsible for most of the distance as I emersed myself in my first year of starting my business.  A lot of my relationships suffered as my time became less and less available.

We’ve had hiccups, ups & downs, times when we didn’t speak for months and period of times we were inseparable.  There were also times of eating Cheerios off the floor before kids were even in the picture!

No one makes Kate laugh more than I do and no one thinks she’s funny but me.  (oh man, that was a good one!)  No one that knows my shit more than Kate and no one calls out my shit more than she can.  She gives me the gift of letting me be me, which is something I treasure.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned to be vulnerable and share the trials that hide behind our smiles. We grew our friendship little by little through speaking truth, trusting we could always talk things through.  It took years becoming comfortable being unbiased when telling each other the shit we needed to hear, even when it was hard or not what we wanted to hear.   This is how friendships turn into lifetime friends.

After a few failed attempts at trying to get together, we finally made the date happen. It had been so long since we saw each other, I knew there was a chance awkwardness or p0ssible tension.  I didn’t care and it was worth the risk!  I’m so happy we made the effort and made it happen.

What always rings true, is our mad respect for each other and love that makes it possible to pick up right where we left off.

Today we got to do that.  Not skipping a beat, we picked up right where we left off and ended with a promise to make a point in scheduling more time together.

I share date because I talk to women daily who have zero time for themselves because of the daily busyness of life.  Myself included, we are so tired and beat that we let times with our friends slip through the cracks. As a result, we’re exhausted with no friends and yearn for connection among other women. I’m guilty of this and have made the decision to change it.

Over the past few months, I have been making a conscious effort to connect with my girlfriends.  Because it is important to me and it’s important for all of us. We want to do it all, have more, and always search for better. When the majority of the time, what we need most, is right in front of us and it was there all along.  It’s easy to let friendships fade and I want to remind you (and me!🙋) to take time for friendship and connection so we don’t lose sight of the importance of people & who we are in those friendships.

I ended my date by taking myself down to my favorite spot, Curtis Hixon Park, to write this blog entry and enjoy the sun.  I sweated as I sat on the park bench thinking about what a great date I had and began to write.


Conclusion –

I enjoy my girlfriends damn it! I want to be involved in my friend’s lives and I want them to be a part of my life too.  Especially those that are close to me and been there for me over the years.  I don’t make the time to hang out with the girls enough. But I am changing that as I continue to make the time.  This is an important piece to remember once I start dating.  It may have taken dating myself to realize all this, but now it is something I won’t forget moving forward.  I can’t wait to catch up more with Kate soon!  I smell a workout coming!

I love you man!!!! Y# &#$ 😉


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