Date #1 – Let me impress you on our first date!

Date #1 – 9/1/17

Push-ups – 5

Let me impress you on our first date! 

Let’s stay at a hotel on the beach.

Last year at a charity auction for FRAMCO, I bid on a two-night hotel stay in Clearwater Beach.  I won and have been saving it to use with someone special.  Almost a year later and waiting for the perfect time to use it, I decided the perfect time was NOW!

For date #1, I have taken myself to the beach for a romantic work getaway!  I have tapped into some serious creativity over the past 48 hours and I still have another night to go!  I plan on walking on the beach (holding my own hand of course) and listening to some good live beach music or putting my headphones in and listen to one of my favorite records.

I’ve told myself there will be no plans or addenda.  Just go with the flow and enjoy the quiet and beauty of the water as the waves crash against my freshly painted toenails.  I’m looking forward to tonight and I might even shave my legs for the big first date.

In addition to my 30 days of dates with myself, I will be hosting a 30-day Push-ups Challenge!  Over 80 women have already joined the challenge to do push-ups every day for 30 days with the goal to do 100 push-ups on day 30!  Want to join the challenge?  Download my free Push-Up Challenge calendar and join our private FB group!

You can join here –

Until tomorrow…

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