Date #2 – Have a freaking blast staying up all night lip-syncing and make a music video montage!

Date #2 – 9/2/17

Push-Ups – 10

Have a freaking blast staying up all night recording lip-sync videos!

Use all the footage to make a Music Video Montage.

I’m going to post Date #2 early today because something unexpected happened overnight.  I also want to spend the day with my daughter, so I’ll have today’s date already taken care of!

Oh, how I love the 90’s!

Mariah Carey released her debut album in 1990 and a year later released “Emotions.”  I was 11 at the time and my Walkman was attached to my hip.  If I didn’t have a set of headphones on in my teenage years, I was carrying around my boom box and cassette tapes.  I grew up surrounded by music and my love for music runs deep in my bones.

Mariah Carey was with me during all those awkward and sometimes horrible middle school days.  “Emotions” came with me everywhere and when I wanted to go to my happy place, I put a pair of cheap dollar store Craig headphones on my ears. I knew every word to every song and could listen to the tape over and over and over again.

Since we got a beautiful storm last night with amazing lightning, I didn’t walk the beach.  I found myself pretty tired by 10 pm and was ready for bed.  However, I was hungry.  I decided to go for a walk down the main strip in Clearwater beach hoping to find food that interested me.

I honestly can’t tell you what made me think about Mariah Carey as I stuck my iPhone pods in my ear and pushed the down elevator button.  But I loved the idea that I suggested to myself and downloaded the “Emotions” record. Shortly after, I was singing in the rain!  I immediately felt free and smiled.  Even though I listen to music all the time, it still can touch my soul and release all my worries. I get captivated by the art of the sounds and drawn in with heartfelt lyrics. It feels like music takes control and the sound waves move through my body creating calm feelings and contentment.

I bought a hoagie and a gallon of water and headed back to my hotel room full of life. I had taken some Melatonin before walking to the store, but it certainly did not feel like melatonin was in my bloodstream.  I sat down to write, but as the music continued to play, I couldn’t sit still.

It all started with an innocent 10 second Mariah Carey Snapchat song clip that I made to be funny.  That clip turned into about 60 minutes of footage!  60 minutes of me lip-syncing to 90s music and some other randomness. I put the Mariah Carey Pandora channel on and the rest is history. My original intent was to send some of the videos to my sister, who I knew would get a kick out of them.

I HAD SUCH A BLAST SINGING AND RECORDING MYSELF, I LITERALLY COULD NOT STOP! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  I am recommending this to everyone as therapy.  If you want to feel free and have a child-like spirit to dance and sing, make a lip-syncing music video!

Seriously, what a blast.

The only drawback is I haven’t slept yet.  And that I had no idea I would be making a video, so I have zero makeup on, my hair is a disaster and I’m wearing an oversized T-shirt. But that’s all part o the experience 🙂

I had too much fun and after I had enough of making videos of me singing, I decided to edit it into a Music Video Montage for myself. It would be mean not to share this embarrassing, yet awesome video of myself singing. So I am including it in this blog post.

I could have never planned to do this.  I wouldn’t know where to start and I probably would have felt awkward and not let go if I said, “Hey, let’s make a music video.”  That’s why spontaneity and tapping into rest and play is so important… you never know what you’re going to get into!

It was seriously so hard to condense an hour of videos into 6 minutes, but I did 😊 Enjoy and if you want to make fun of me, I don’t care, because I had an absolute blast doing it.  High-five to myself for this date idea.  BEST.DATE.EVER.  And it was free!  Even better.

I’m going to try and get an hour of sleep before Priya gets here this morning.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this blog post doesn’t make sense.  But hey, I did it!

Conclusion –

That was a FREAKIN’ BLAST!

Have any ideas for my date nights?  Let me know!  If you want to share your music video with me, I would love to see it 😊

The video will be posted on FB page and is on YouTube here –

Until tomorrow…

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