Date #7 – Drama and a work date!


Date #7

Push-ups – 20 – day 7

(Real Push-up Number – 60 – day 19)

Drama and a Work Date

I know it’s not a positive way to start a date, but let me begin by saying Hurricane IRMA really pissed me off.  IRMA is that girl that gets in the way of dating someone and causes problems. She’s a drama queen and likes to make your head spin for no reason.  Hurricane Irma started her madness on September 7th by closing schools down for what felt like a month. I have my daughter full time so this woman (Irma) made it hard to go out on dates.

However, the bigger issue was the actual hurricane itself.  It threw our town for a loop and put everyone in panic mode and caused mayhem.  I wanted to continue my dates because I had committed to 30 days in a row, but the truth is, I had to table this goal for the sake of my family.  I kept the dating thought in the back of my head and told myself I would backtrack and write about it once the dust settled.  It took a little longer than I had anticipated to get back into the swing of things and to also feel like myself.  I was emotionally and physically drained from the whirlwind of events.  I feel blessed that no real damage was done and everyone I know is safe.  Although I’ll never know the full extent of what it feels like to be hit hard by mother nature and lose everything you have, I now have a whole new perspective of compassion for those that go through a natural disaster.  It’s no joke and can turn your life upside down.

Now that I’m back on track, I’ve decided to start back up from where I ended. With 24 dates left to go!  I’m not going to backtrack, so my calendar dates are going to be off moving forward.  Life happens!  I’ve kept up with my push-ups, but am picking up on date #7.

Which brings me to work dates.  With all the hurricane mayhem, my work got pushed back and I fell behind in life.  So I ask myself, “Anna, how can we go out on a date and also catch up on work?”

Work dates!  I’ve come to love work dates because there are times where it’s just nice to have someone sit beside you while you’re in the zone.  Especially if they are in the zone too.  It’s delightful to enjoy the silence side by side as we work as well as bounce ideas off each other. Dating doesn’t always require talking in order to get to know someone.  Having the presence of someone in your quiet space can actually be a magical thing.  You also learn a lot about someone when sitting in silence.   Are they anxious or uncomfortable?  Do they keep talking to fill the space? Are they mellow and still?  Does their loud breathing or pencil tapping bother you?  Do they find ways to make the quiet fun? Do you enjoy sitting in silence with them?  One time I was on a work date and while we were working side by side, he texted me “You’re cute when you concentrate.”  That’s fun! And made me smile 🙂  You can’t get that experience by having a movie date.

Being an entrepreneur and having a crazy schedule isn’t always easy when dating.  I never know when I will be inspired, so date night at the movies can turn into a work date at any given time.

I debated what I wanted to do tonight.  It had been over 10 days since I have taken myself out.  I had a ticket to go watch a pitching contest downtown at the Tampa Theater that I had planned on taking myself to but felt the pull to do some work. So that is what I did!   I enjoy what I do and sometimes the thing I want to do most is take my inspiration and run with it.

Taking the time to go on a work date with myself showed me that I do enjoy getting out of the house to work in a coffee shop and spending a night away from the daily night routine is quite nice.  It’s a treat to not have to cook dinner and give my daughter a bath every once in awhile.  That doesn’t make me a bad mom, it makes me a better mom.

I went to Hyde Park Village and walked around for a bit before settling in at Buddy Brew Coffee.  I’ve had a sore throat all day so the thought of coffee was not appealing.  I looked at the menu and saw a cold brew float.  What the what?!  I asked the barista what it was hoping it was what I thought it was!  So yes, I got a scoop of ice-cream in my cold brew coffee and took myself outside to sit.  The weather was phenomenal and the atmosphere was a perfect mixture of buzz and stillness. I felt great.  I felt good. I enjoyed myself immensely sitting outside catching up on some work and watching people walk by going out to dinner.  Now that I am home and writing, I’m amazed at what a simple 2 hours at a coffee shop can do when it’s outside your normal routine.

As I got home and walked in the door, my daughter came running up to me and jumped in my arms.  It was the greatest feeling.  I squeezed her, loved on her, and carried her to her room to tuck her in.  Those small moments make it all worth it.


Conclusion –

I like ice cream in my coffee, but will probably never order that again.  I like to sit outside at night, feel the breeze, and people watch while I work on my computer.  I like work dates by myself, but also with people I care about by my side.  I like to take time away from the daily routine to feel a sense of freedom and remember what a gift it is to be alive.  It’s easy to get caught up in the go, go, go without realizing what you’re even doing in your life.  Knowing you only have 2 hours to go sit somewhere makes you appreciate those 2 hours and be in conscious of what you’re doing during those 120 minutes.  But what’s even better, are those 2 hours away from home that makes you appreciate walking in the door to your home even more.

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