Dear every woman in the world,

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Every woman out there will have different feelings and views about this “Day of Love.”

Some will state how stupid it is to have a day that focuses on showing your love.

Some will shrug their shoulders and say it’s just a silly Hallmark made up holiday for businesses to make money.

Some women will have smiles on their faces all day because it’s her first Valentines Day with a new love.

Some women will run around town like a mad woman planning something special for the love in her life.

Some will stay in bed crying all day watching movies or Sex in the City because she recently lost her love.

Some women will forget today is Valentines Day and go about her day as normal, never giving it a second thought.

Some women will be thankful for their loving marriage and wake up filled with love.

Some will put on a brave face and smile and tell those around them, “It’s just a normal day” and go out celebrating a non-valentines-day-day with their best girlfriends.

Some will experience a day of surprise and pure joy when their love gets down on one knee and proposes to them on Valentines Day.

Some women will be happy and content surrounding themselves with people in their life they love.

Some women will curse the sky and be angry with all the hearts and flowers they’ll see all day long.

Some will smile and feel comfort knowing they are loved.

Some will feel sadness feeling they are unworthy of love.

Some will feel nothing at all.

Some will feel everything.

But today I want every woman to do one thing collectively.

Love themselves.





Today, take 5 minutes to think about YOU.

Today, I want you to spend 5 minutes ALONE only thinking about yourself and what you love about yourself.

Take 5 minutes to speak kind words to yourself, writing down or saying out-loud all the amazing qualities that make you unique and bad ass.

If you are going to spend 5 minutes (if not 30 minutes!) writing cards or shopping for gifts for your significant other, kids, mom, etc., don’t you think you’re important enough to write a card to yourself too?

You may go buy yourself something special today because you feel you deserve it, or perhaps you’re looking to satisfy a need, or you are giving yourself a reward for a goal you’ve achieved.  That’s awesome to treat yourself!  But many times we’re looking to feel happiness by buying ourselves something or are trying to fill a void.

So today, I want you to give yourself permission to buy yourself 5 minutes to sit down with your sexy self. 

Give yourself some old fashion love filling your mind with kind words about YOU.  Write yourself a letter, say it out loud, or for you crafty people, get all creative and make yourself a bad ass craft.

The goal is pause and understand that no matter how you celebrate today’s day of LOVE, whether you’re in a relationship or not, or you’re pissed, happy or sad, that you take at least 5 minutes TODAY to tell yourself what a freaking bad ass sexy, smart woman you are.

Before you take the love in your heart and share it with those you love, take care of yourself first and give some of that love to YOU.

By loving ourselves first, we can turn around and multiply that love from the source and spread that joy to those around us.

Now, don’t just read this and smile.  Go give yourself some fu*king love and remind yourself how fuc*ing amazing it is to be a woman!  Get out there and go kick some loving ass!

It may sound silly or you might feel awkward complimenting yourself, writing down all the things you love about you, but do it anyways.

It’s only 5 quiet minutes.

If anything, sit silently with yourself, focusing on your breath, and smiling while you think about all the good in your life.

Even if you can only think of one thing, focus on that for 5 minutes and see if it grows. 😊

Need a pretty piece of paper to write yourself a love letter?

You can download my printable “I LOVE…” letter to help guide you through listing all the many qualities and features each and every one of us has.


And if you want to give yourself a 5 minute workout too, PM me and I’ll email you my 5 minute workout PDF as well 😉

Happy Valentines Day to all you amazing men and women out there!

I Love you all,

Annastoshia <3

So I’ll never forget.


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