Date #17 – Mini-Dates Add Up

Date #17 – Mini-Dates add up

It’s been a couple weeks since I have posted, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking myself on dates! In fact, I’ve been taking myself on a lot of mini-dates to make sure I keep this habit up and continue dating myself. I’ve been holding off on big official dates with myself because I knew I had past dates to write about and the last thing I want to happen in this experience is to feel stressed out about it. I didn’t want to get backed-up in my writing and start to feel overwhelmed.  This is ALL ABOUT enjoying myself, therefore, there are no rules and regulations on when I have to take myself on a date, how long it has to be or who can come on the dates with me.  But, there is one rule I have while I date myself.  I want to write and capture all my thoughts and events about the dates.  I want to remember this experiment and be able to spark the memories I’m making by going back and reading about it someday in my future.

For this date and blog post, I am going to sum up a few mini-dates and treats I have done for myself over the past month or so. There have been other mini-dates, but they were dates doing some of the things I now know I like to do for fun! I have even started dating real people (gasp!) in conjunction with my 30 dates, with the priority that my dates come first.  I already see the benefit of this habit I have started in how I prioritize my dates and my time with others.

I had planned on writing about each one of these dates as individual dates/blog posts, but I’m anxious to move on to new dates with myself.  However, I don’t feel I can do that till these dates are captured.

These dates may seem short and small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter to me.  I want to know everything and anything that makes me happy.  It all matters.  Because little pieces of joy add up to a bunch of smiles and I’m looking to rack up my smiles!

Mini-date #1 – Do a craft

I’m crafty.  I am! One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is doing some sort of creative craft or coloring project.  So when my life coach gave me an optional assignment to be creative and crafty, I jumped on it!  Even though I know I like crafts, I rarely do any sort of actual craft or am crafty.  It’s just one of those things that get pushed to the wayside.

Therefore, I made a date out of the assignment and set off to do a craft.  The optional assignment was to draw or create a picture of what your heart looks like underneath all your armor you use to keep your heart safe. (That’s Deep, I know).  It intrigued me and I wanted to give it a shot, even though I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to create what my stripped-down heart looked like.

I got a babysitter for 2 hours and took myself to Michael’s Craft store.  Ahhhhh, craft heaven! I didn’t go into the store with a plan and intention like I usually do.  There was no craft list or goal.  I told myself the plan was to create a heart and let myself wander around the store to let the creation come to me.  And it did.

I found wooden hearts, paint, stickers with sayings on them, gems, glitter, and other little knick-knacks to be-dazzle my blank heart.  I decided to get two hearts and make it into a craft my daughter and I could do together.

Sitting on the floor with my daughter and creating a picture of what we believe our hearts look like underneath all the junk we throw on top of it in hopes to protect it, was beautiful.  It symbolized how beautiful we are without armor or shields around our hearts.  That our hearts can be wounded or broken, but that’s the beauty of living.  It showed vulnerability and put light on what was once dark.

I have both our hearts hanging in the kitchen.  I love seeing both of our creations and the reminder that I won’t give up on love, and more importantly, I won’t give up on loving myself.

I took pictures the night we made our hearts, but I accidentally deleted them all with a recent purge of pictures, but do have two pictures from the night at Michael’s craft store.  I also decided to keep the finished product to myself and not take pictures of them to share.  Some things really are sacred and meaningful to just yourself.  And my heart is one of those sacred things that I only show to those who deserve my love.

Conclusion – I love to do crafts, be crafty and creative!


Mini-date #2 – Be adventurous and spontaneous!

I’ve already figured out I like spontaneity and adventure.  It seems to be a common theme throughout all my dates, this one included.  In an epic fail to take my daughter to Legoland for her birthday during Hurricane Irma, we learned just how much the hurricane had affected Florida.  After we arrived at Legoland, we learned it was closed due to no power and no backup generator.

To try and make the best of it, we let the night take us on our own journey.  A mini-adventure was born.  As a consequence of Hurricane Irma, most stores where closed, including gas stations.  But not a little gas station located on the corner of no-where and out-there!  Attached to a pizza shop that had a sign on its front door “SOLD OUT,” this gas station was thee place to be.  Word must have gotten out that they were open and had food because we had to park in the grass and shuffle our way through the aisles.

We were celebrating my daughters birthday and on an adventure for fun!  I wanted to find a little birthday cake of some sort for her and told her she could pick out anything she wanted to.  She found a little $1.99 toy and picked out some candy.  I, on the other hand, was looking for something fun and out of the ordinary.  But sometimes you just can’t force things like that, you have to let it come to you!  And sure enough, it did.

As we were standing in line, I mentioned that I saw “pickles in a bag” and voiced my disgust by saying, “who would even buy that!?”

Before the words even came out of my mouth to suggest we get pickles in a bag, my friend said, “Go get it! Let’s buy one!”  I giggled like a teenager and went to pick out a pickle in a bag.  I decided to pass on the garlic flavored pickle because that’s just one step too far and I’m trying to not take that last inappropriate step that always gets me in trouble.

As exciting as this story is about a pickle in a bag, it gets better.  As we were standing deep in line, waiting patiently to buy our candy, Starbucks espresso shots, Bugles, and cheap toys, there it was.  The icing on the cake, or in this case, the pickle salt on the pickle. We all had an immediate yes in our eye and put the pickle salt on the counter to buy.

As we pulled out of the grass and started our drive home, I smiled at the silliness and absurdness of buying a pickle in a bag with pickle salt on the side.  I realized these small memories are so fun and raw.  They are the times you’re laughing so hard pickle juice comes out your nose and you’re crying from laughing so hard.

I tried the pickle in the bag with pickle salt sprinkled on top and wanted to throw up as I overexaggerated the nastiness.  I dry heaved and laughed at the same time as I handed the pickle over and said, “Your turn!”  Because it’s way more fun to have someone to throw up with you.😉

Conclusion – I like to do stupid stuff!  I love silly adventures, dares, and opportunities to not take myself so seriously. It’s impossible to be serious and put pickle salt on your food.

Mini-date #3 – Sauna & a Sunset

This date was awesome!  I have found my spot in the steam sauna at the gym.  It’s now become a regular thing for me to go to the gym and just to sit in the steam room for 20 minutes.  It’s a place I can sit still and feel my body unwind and relax.  I love stepping inside that steaming hot room that’s filled with steam and hot water.  I have my spot and a routine when I walk in the sauna.  It feels good to find something that works and has stayed consistent.  I use the time to work on my breathing, meditate, and speak nice things to myself.  It’s my thing.

On this date, I took myself to enjoy the steam room, the hot sauna, and the hot tub/whirlpool.  I simply relaxed and enjoyed the time.  After I left the gym, I went to Cypress Point Park to watch the sunset.  I sat in the sand, snapped 2 pictures and put my phone away.  I continued to relax there on the beach and watched the sunset as the day ended.

I realized I don’t always need to go to the gym to be in a sauna.  There is an organic, huge sauna available anytime by just stepping outside in nature and breathing it all in.

Conclusion – Hot saunas are my friend and watching sunsets are guaranteed to make me pause and smile.



Mini-date #4 – Get pampered and go to a black tie event

I love my workout clothes and tennis shoes, but as I’ve already established, it feels nice to get all dolled up for a night on the town.  I took a recent opportunity to kick it up a notch and get dressed up to attend a black-tie event.

As a woman, it feels great to be taken care of and pampered.  We tend to take care of everyone else but ourselves, putting our self-care on the back burner.  Well, not this time!  I was taking myself somewhere fancy, so I was going to treat myself to the pampered deluxe package prior to the event, because well, I’m worth it.

The only thing I had to take care of to get ready for the event was book the appointments and get myself dressed.  I got my hair colored, cut and styled.  I got a manicure and pedicure.  I bought myself a new dress and a pair of sparkly heels.  Lastly, I hired a make-up artist, my favorite part.


Hiring a make-up artist was the real date.  I’ve always wanted someone to come over and do my makeup and it turned out to be just as glamorous and wonderful as I imagined.  Ashlee showed up right on time and worked her magic for almost an hour as we chatted about life, boys, and business. It felt amazing sitting in the chair and having an expert work their craft on you.  I didn’t want to look in the mirror till she was done because I’m all about the surprises!

When she held up the mirror, I wanted to cry.  I smiled so big as I saw the reflection of her art.  I felt like my outside matched my inside.  I felt like a queen and in that moment knew that’s how I should feel on an everyday basis.  Not because I’m a beauty queen, or drama queen, or think I’m better than anyone, but because I’m worth feeling amazing.  When I feel amazing, the people around me feel amazing.  And when the people around me feel amazing, they make other people feel amazing.  Sounds like a whole lot of amazingness to me.

Summary – I think I’ll hire a make-up artist to do my makeup at least once a year, if not more.  It certainly is not a necessity or in the budget, but it was something I enjoyed a lot.  I learned that I do enjoy having my nails painted.  I don’t have to go to a salon to have them done, but I do want to take the time to at least paint them at home.  It makes me feel girly and womanly and I like that.  I don’t get to dress up much, so if having my nails done makes me feel a dressed up and womanly in my yoga gear, then I’m all for that!




Mini-date #5 – Making videos


It wouldn’t feel right to write about what I like to do without having a date where I make a video.  I LOVE making videos.  I get wrapped up in them for some reason.  Nothing else matters at that time and I’m insanely particular about certain pieces of the process.  My videos are in no way professional, but to me they are, and I take pride in them.  I also take it seriously. I could be sloppy in some of the editing and production, but every video is a little piece of me and I’m not willing to half-ass myself.  Did that make sense?  Not sure.

The fact that I love making videos was confirmed this past Saturday when I unexpectedly didn’t have Priya for an entire weekend afternoon.  As I drove away from her cousins birthday party, I didn’t head to the beach or to meet friends for brunch.  I headed straight to the office to make the demo videos I had promised I’d make for a company I occasionally write workouts for.  No one was in the office building, but I didn’t feel alone.  I had my creativity and the freedom to yell into the camera as loud as I wanted to. I truly enjoy myself when I’m filming and editing.  I get so intense and frustrated and excited all at the same time.  It’s like a huge celebration party, but I’m the only guest.

It is my work, so I want to be careful not to think of it as a hobby.  However, there are parts of the process that feel like a hobby because I’m learning and improving a craft.  I like seeing myself get better at things and teaching myself new skills.  That’s the exciting part!

Conclusion – This conclusion is quite difficult to articulate, so I’ll keep it simple… I like to make videos of myself.


Final conclusion – Mini-dates add up!  With these 5 little things I did, I learned a handful of simple, yet fun things to do that make me happy and smile.

Now I can move onto a new date! Exciting!!!

Until next time…


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