Be ready to look for opportunity and grab it by the balls.

“The beginning is always today.” – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Are you ready when an opportunity is presented?

Be ready to look for opportunity and grab it by the balls.

People contact or approach me often and say “I wish I could work out with you! …If only I lived closer to you! If only our schedules meshed! …If I could work out with you, I’d stay so motivated and fit!”

Something along those lines.

So, it never ceases to amaze me, when I reach out to these people who have expressed intrest or new people I have conversations with and ask if they’d like to workout with me (free of charge), they come up with an excuse as to why they can’t workout.

Are you hiding behind the “if onlys?”  Hate to be blunt, but you’re full of uninteresting excuses.





People aren’t going to beg you for them to help you. But they will extend a hand. And if you’re ready, grab it and say “YES!”
One interaction with someone, one post you read, one intense workout, one “yes!” can change your life if you’re ready.  It happened to me and it can happen to you.
How ready are you when the opportunity presents itself?
You say you want help, you say you want to make a change in your body or in your business, but are you still in the “if only” stage?


“If only I had access to a personal trainer, if only I knew how to use weights at the gym, if only I didn’t work so many hours, if only I knew how to set up a website, if only I had a mentor who gave me guidance, if only I knew how to brand myself and come up with social media content, …the list goes on.


There are no “if onlys” if you want something. There is only “how can I.”


“How can I find a trainer that is willing to work with my hectic schedule, how can I figure out how to workout at home, how can I set money aside to invest in myself to start that online business I dream about, how can I find someone who has been through it all so I can learn from their mistakes, how can I wake up earlier and find a group that keeps me accountable in my workouts?


Asking people if they want to workout with me has always been my way of giving back to a community that keeps me inspired and encouraged, as well as selfishly helps keep myself motivated and accountable in my workouts.


I didn’t say, “If only I had more time to help others.” Instead asked, “How can I give those who have asked for some guidance the opportunity to workout with me and still have time to get my own personal workouts in?”


If you’re really ready for an opportunity and open to making changes in any area of your life, opportunities will come.


Once I became ready and open to opportunity, the opportunities came.


I could write for days about examples of opportunities that have come and continue to come in my life.


But, this one hit me today.  An example of how saying yes to an opportunity can change your life.

After I saw this post on Liz Cort Consulting Agency, I realized how much of an impact saying yes to an opportunity 3 years ago has had on my life.


I said yes to Liz Cort, someone I barely knew and only had facebook stalked for about a year.  (seriously) 😊  I said yes! as I stood in my driveway, stressed out as a new mother and new business owner, and a toddler hanging on my leg begging for my attention.


I said yes to myself and yes to making a change in my life by surrounding myself with people who knew more than I did.  I craved knowledge and was tired of saying “I’ll just figure it out on my own because poor me, no one wants to mentor and help me.”

That sentence, I told myself in my past,  got me NOWHERE.

But saying yes, got me SOMEWHERE.


I said yes, I’m in! to something I knew nothing about, but was eager to learn and be mentored.

I said yes to something I knew I needed help with.

I was willing to shrink my ego and learn.
There’s a lot I don’t know about business. There’s a lot I don’t know about fitness. There’s even more I don’t know about life. But I’m open to learning.


Liz extended a hand to me and asked if I was interested in learning about the online trainer world with her company Team Fit.  Without hesitation or excuses, I said yes and got to work soaking up the knowledge. Learning how to train women virtually, understanding their wants and needs, learning what workout plans work well for the masses, how to sell and market to the online market, and how to work on a team in a virtual world. I learned, I was mentored, I coached many, and grew exponentially as an individual.
When someone gives you an opportunity, it’s a chance to show your value and grow. I showed my value and gifts by showing up and working hard.  With that, came more opportunity.  I was given the opportunity to write workout plans for TeamFit, a global fitness company, and became a workout demo video expert in the making. I started perfecting my craft in writing workouts and listening to what people needed and wanted.


Which brings me to the text I sent Liz two days ago thanking her for the opportunities that I want to continue being grateful for.

Last year, Liz started her 4th company, Liz Cort Consulting Agency and shared her vision with 3 experts.  With Liz as the mastermind, visionary and mentor, she brought on myself as skilled writer of thousands of workout plans, next, a marketing and branding genius who turns ideas into global movements, and lastly, a highly, sought-out registered dietitian, nutritionist who has been featured on tv shows and written for multiple health magazines.


A group of experts who want to help health and fitness professionals share their message of wellness to the masses. Liz’s mission and purpose to those who want to change their life and change the world is done by empowering them with the knowledge and skills they need.  Like she did for me, her mission shows in her interactions with her clients and she has a team behind her that shares her vision.

I could have waited to see if this new business idea of hers was going to come to life before I put in hours of work on my end. I could have puffed my chest and said I’d rather work on growing my own business instead.  I could have told myself that the idea wouldn’t work and I don’t have

time for that.
Instead, I saw an opportunity and I saw her vision.  I learned to trust.  I knew her work ethic and knew this was an opportunity to be involved in something bigger than myself. A chance to be part of a team with a vision to help to take the confusion and frustration out of starting an online fitness business.


I took the opportunity by the balls and turned it into what is now, a big chunk of what I do.


For the last year, I have worked behind the scenes on an amazing team that helps fitness trainers and health enthusiasts get their online business up and running.  It’s been AMAZING to see trainers from all over bring their vision to life and start their own business.
People will come back to you with opportunities if you show them you are open and willing to take risks, work hard and be a voice in the vision.


What I love about working with Liz and LCC is not just the chance to be creative in the business and offer suggestions for the agency, but also that we have the freedom to be creative and present new ideas to her clients. We aren’t a cookie-cutter agency because not every personal trainer or health professional is the same. We listen to you. I listen to you. Liz and the team will get into your head to find out your target market, what market you are going to attract, and what program will sell.


The team builds a vision, a platform, a workout plan, a brand, a logo and a support system for you that is everything you have envisioned in your head but have not quite execute it. I know what it’s like to toss and turn at night with a vision in your head and feel overwhelmed with how to execute it. It’s a tough spot to be in.  And it’s ok to look for an opportunity that takes the overwhelming feelings out of your vision so you can look forward.


I use to always say, I can do that myself.  But would look in the mirror a few months later and say,

“If you could do it all by yourself, you would have done it already.”




Are you going to grab opportunities to grow and say YES!?


I’m glad I did.


PS – If you’re a personal trainer, health professional, or fitness enthusiasts who people gravitate to and always asking for your knowledge, it’s time to share yourself and your expertise with the world.
You can have the platform you desire to share your passion for health and fitness through an online fitness company.  You can help others in their desire for change and transform lives while pursuing your dream to have an online business.
It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Tell her I sent you 🙂

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