Do I practice what you preach? Or am I fraud?

I read this article (link at the end comments) & it got me thinking… It’s so true. And it’s so easy to think about how others may do this…(pointing the finger) So I thought about myself and took a look at me…then couldn’t stop writing.

In case you haven’t realized that people can paint a pretty picture on Facebook when it’s not pretty, *news flash, people do. Pretty pictures are great. I love a works of art and being creative. I love the beauty in a captured moment. Words are fantastic. I love to write and believe writing is a great way to express ourselves. Words can carry a lot of meaning. But many times people say one thing and do the other. Showcasing only the greatness. Especially people who want to tell you what to do and shove their “right way” in your face and tell you your way is wrong. I believe in doing what’s best for you, but back it up with actions that show you believe in what you say. If someone is going to tell me what to do, I want to see how they’ve done the same in their life and they are have been successful in practicing it. Not perfect! But that they practice what they preach.

So, the burning question, do I practice what I preach? Do I live a healthy lifestyle, stay active, eat nutritious food, practice self care & try to be a loving mom? I believe I do. But I also believe I’m not perfect and I screw up. I eat donuts when I give into my sugar cravings or inhale a greasy breakfast after sleeping in and feeling lazy. I don’t always get enough sleep & I burn myself out. I yell at my 5-year old in frustration after I’ve asked her to put her shoes on 4,892 times. My floors are dirty 75% of the time and I’ve given up on cleaning the mirrors with little finger prints on them because it only stays shiny for 5 minutes. I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and thought I hate my skin and I hate having acne at 37. I get frustrated and down on myself about trying to make decisions for my family that are looming over me. I skip workouts for no good reason except I just don’t feel like working out. I’ve caught myself judging the family next to me at a restaurant who are not talking to each other while they all stare down at their devices. I think how sad that is for that family not paying attention to each other and the next day I ignore my daughter as she fights for my attention while I’m doing something super important…like scrolling Facebook.

The goal for me is to be aware of these things so that next time I can do better. And I tell myself, “I am doing the very best I can right now, with what I have, and with the knowledge I know. I will do my best based on MY values and my integrity. And I’ll never be perfect.” I’ll keep learning, failing, winning, growing and practicing everything I preach. It’s messy sometimes. But most of the times it’s exhilarating, because each time I get better whether its a better time on my box jumps or more quality in-the-moment quality time with my daughter. I fall. And I get back up. I try a little harder next time, being aware. I believe that’s better than being a fitness guru and coach who pretends she’s perfect and has her shit together all.the.time. Because No one does. Except me. I’m Just Kidding!!!!

As a coach I believe in being honest with you about the fitness and health struggles many women face. Over the past 2 years I have talked with hundreds of women who have confided in me about their health struggles. We talk about how and why they have gotten to this point in their health and decided to reach out for help. What is my takeaway from hundreds of conversations? I see behaviors and thoughts that have a list of commonalities that make them all more similar to than different from each other and that we should not be so divided as women. I see a pattern that is undeniable. We all struggle with something and a lot of times are struggling with the same thing. I see women who are struggling with all the conflicting health and fitness information out there, wondering what the right answer is. Women who need help and crave community. I’ve been there too and struggled through years of anguish around body shaming until 6 years ago I finally broke free from that negativity. I gained clarity on what healthy meant to me by researching and learned what would work for my lifestyle. It has appeared to me that a common feeling women have is, being disgusted with their body. I WANT TO CHANGE THAT. I want you to learn to love your body RIGHT NOW as it is. I want to coach and inspire you on changing those disgusting thoughts and turning them into compassion for yourself so that you can make changes if you want to. To help you see the positives and make the changes little by little in your health & fitness journey so that they STICK. Then,.. I will turn around and kick your butt in a workout! I’ll make you sweat it all out and will still make you do 100 Burpees!

That’s my balance for you to get the results you crave. A little love and a little badass. And I promise to practice what I preach. …with a little wiggle room to be human and mess up too.

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