Date #29 – Do a swimsuit photo shoot just for you


You Only Live Once.

The saying “YOLO” makes me giggle, cringe, and light up all at the same time.  It’s a little too corny and hip for me, but it captures this date perfectly.

You only live once! …So I say, why not try things you never thought you could do or things you thought you shouldn’t do!

My voice on this post may not sit well with some people, but it’s my opinion. I understand there are negative drawbacks to posting pictures like this, but my goal in sharing this date and these pictures is simple —

I want to inspire women to embrace who they are and not be afraid to show it…  Don’t hide in the shadows to make others comfortable and dim your own light for the sake of what others think.  There are plenty of people out there that will try to dim and put out your light, so the last person that should be dimming your shining awesome light is you.

Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident in her own skin.

Every woman should have the opportunity to feel like a rock star if she wants to.

Every woman should be pampered for a day and treated like a queen.

Every woman should experience a professional photo shoot that captures her personality, soul, and beauty inside and out if she wants to.

Every woman should be able to express herself in whatever way she feels confident and at her best.

This isn’t about being a model wannabee or wanting attention.  Although I’m not naive and realize it will draw attention.

This is for all the women out there that have always wanted to express their sexy side and have buried it because of shame, embarrassment, or because they felt it wasn’t appropriate. I’m sharing to show you that you can do it too… You don’t have to share the photos with the world, but you can and should do it for you.

I did this photo shoot for no reason other than I wanted to.  I had the opportunity to shoot with one of fitness top photographers and took it.

I told her I wanted to capture my soft and sexy side.   I said I wanted no business pictures, no marketing pictures, no fitness pictures, no pictures for a guy … This was for me.

There’s something special about doing something like this photo shoot that has no expectations for anything other than what YOU want.  When we are doing an activity for someone else or something else, there’s always a different expectation, face, or hint of caring what other people will think.  That’s not a bad thing, but in these 30 dates, the goal is to figure out what you would do when it’s only you.

I’ve always had a soft side that I love but have covered with armor.  A protective layer that plays it safe, doesn’t stir the pot and keeps it proper and covered up in the past.

Don’t be too sexy.  Don’t be a prude.

Don’t hide your beauty.  Don’t show so much skin.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your body and flaunt it.  Don’t draw attention to yourself.

Many women feel like they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  In my experience with coaching many women, it’s hard to find a middle ground.  A place where we can embrace our sexuality without being too sexual.



In true transparency, I’m still feeling my way through embracing this side of me.  I may feel different in a year and be horrified by these pictures!  But I probably won’t.  Because when it comes to YOLO, I say go for it!

I know I’ll never regret capturing this side of me and I LOVE looking at these pictures because it reminds me how much FREEDOM we have to do and be whomever we want!

We just have to DO IT!

Plus, I know one day I’ll look back at these pictures sitting in my rocking chair with my grandkids and say, “Look kids! Wasn’t your grandma a sexy mo fo?!”;)

Have you always wanted to do a swimsuit photo shoot or something like this?

Have you been too embarrassed or felt ashamed or there’s no way you would feel comfortable doing something out of the box?

If it peeks your interest just a tad… then I say take a step in researching a photographer… (if you’re in Tampa, I have recommendations! Just ask me.)

Then start looking at pictures that inspire you and start imagining yourself in those pictures.  Start looking at swimsuits and clothing that is out of your comfort zone.

Little by little I believe you’ll start to see a side of you that is waiting to come out and be photographed.  Not for anyone else, but to embrace and empower YOU.  That’s pretty damn sexy if you ask me.

What do you think?

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